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Embroidered Gifts for Back to School

As much as we dislike it, summer will soon be coming to a close, and back-to-school time will be upon us. The time to be thinking about ordering a custom embroidered item to start the school year is now.

Here are our top 5 picks for back-to-school embroidered gifts for a special student in your life.

Naptime Blankie

The beginning days of Preschool and Kindergarten can be very overwhelming for a young child.

What better way to help them know they are loved and thought of during the day than by giving them a special blankie to snuggle up with at naptime?

A soft, warm blankie with textured embroidery can help soothe their minds as they lay down for a much-needed break from making friends and learning their ABCs.

Having their names stitched on their blankie will also help them learn to spell their name and help the teacher keep everyone’s items separate.

Custom Jeans

Whether it be ripped, mom, or cargo, everything off the rack is a duplicate of the next one on the hanger.

Set your student’s style apart with some custom embroidery. Subtle, colorful stitching along the seams can give a pop of character to jeans that are otherwise just like the others.

Does your student have a favorite saying? Or maybe just loves butterflies and flowers? Give them an outlet of expression with an amazing custom embroidered pair of jeans.

Specialized Backpack

Backpacks get confused in the rush to pack up for the day. Set your student's backpack apart with specialized embroidery.

It can be embroidered with anything from their name to their favorite cartoon character. And at the end of the day, there will be no mix-up of whose papers go in what bag.

Students love to personalize their backpacks with patches. A cross-stitch embroidered sew-on patch is a great way to swap out their personalized expression of style as their tastes change during the year.

For a bonus touch, consider a matching embroidered lunch bag!

Team Hoodie/Windbreaker

The chill of fall will soon be here. Students heading off to school in the cool of the morning need a special hoodie or windbreaker to keep them comfortable.

Is your student an athlete? Add their team logo and jersey number to personalize their hoodie.

Maybe they are in the marching band? Give them a windbreaker to toss on while they warm up before the big game.

Sports Bag/Duffle Bag

Along with that custom windbreaker for the big game, grab your student athlete a matching sports bag.

Not an athlete? No worries! Add your student's name to a ready-to-grab bag for sleepovers, gym class, or for that last-minute trip before the reality of the school year hits.

Contact us today. Don’t wait till it's too late to have that amazing, personalized, and embroidered gift ordered.

All our custom orders take 3-5 weeks to process and ship. Check out our pre-made collections for ideas and ready-to-ship items.

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