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What are the Different Types of Embroidery?

If you are looking for custom embroidery online, it helps to have an idea of what you are looking for. Take advantage of this informative overview to find the perfect customized onesie for your favorite little bundle of joy or custom design a one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love.

Crewel Work

Surface stitching with loose twist yarn on a firm fabric where the stitching is freely worked.

Cross Stitch

Counted thread embroidery in small X patterns on fabric with an even, open weave.

Counted Thread Embroidery

Carefully counted and measured stitching yields a very exact geometric pattern.

Huck Embroidery

Combines embroidery with weaving to create a looser, flowing pattern.

Drawn Thread Embroidery

This embroidery type’s name comes from the pulling of threads to create intentional gaps in the design.

Outline Embroidery

Overlapping stitching, or backstitching, creates a rope-like pattern. This overlap allows for a more fluid flow to the picture or pattern.

Pulled Thread Embroidery

Instead of removing threads to create spaces, the stitches are pulled tight to create the wanted gaps. This is best used with a loose fabric base.

Candlewicking Embroidery

In the whitework family, this style is distinct in its use of Colonial knot stitches. As with whitework, it is a light stitch on a darker background.

Patchwork Embroidery

Most often used in quilting, this technique uses base stitching to combine fabric pieces into one larger pattern.


This is a type of surface embroidering that creates a raised pattern. This style uses a fine backing cloth comprised of buttonhole and running stitches.


Originating in Japan, Sachiko focuses on simple geometric patterns with a tight running stitch.


This embroidery style creates 3-D images raised from the surface of the fabric.

Fish Scale Embroidery

Originating in Victorian England, this style embroiders specially prepared fish scales into intricate patterns on varied fabrics.


This embroidery style from Spain utilizes a dark thread on a light background.


This style uses white or light thread to create lovely raised patterns that tend toward the floral.

Thread Painting

With careful, tight patterned stitches, this technique can create the impression of painting through the use of texture, color, and lighting.

Shadow Work Embroidery

Worked on very light or sheer fabric, this style is stitched on the back side and creates a shadowed effect.


Generally, using a tent stitch, needlepoint tends to completely cover a stiff, open weave canvas.

Punch Needle

Using a hollow punch needle, this type of embroidery creates loops to give a thick, textured feel.

Ribbon Embroidery

Similar to the punch needle style, ribbon embroidery relies on small loops of material to give a plush texture to the pattern.

Hardanger Embroidery

Traditionally a technique of white thread on white backing material, this style creates open, geometric patterns.

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